Chrysanthemumsare among the most famous traditional Chinese flowers and are popular around the world as cut flowers and pot plants. Chrysanthemums are also important as health foods and as anti-inflammatory herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Recent pharmacological studies have focused on their various biological effects including antioxidative, cardiovascular protective, vasorelaxant, and antihuman immune deficiency virus activities.

Scientific classitication

Family: Asteraceae

Genus: Chrysanthemum

Common Name

Ju Hua Nao


Song, C., Liu, Y., Song, A., Dong, G., Zhao, H., Sun, W., ... & Niu, Y. (2018). The Chrysanthemum nankingense genome provides insights into the evolution and diversification of chrysanthemum flowers and medicinal traits. Molecular plant, 11(12), 1482-1491.