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Pseudostellariae Radix
source:Chinese Herbal Plant Genome Database  time:2018-01-09 22:54:12




College of   Pharmacy, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing 210023, China


Different   metabolites in Pseudostellariae Radix (PR) from five germplasms cultivated in   traditional fields (Jurong, Jiangsu, JSJR) and cultivated fields (Zherong,   Fujian, FJZR).


A total of 34   metabolites were identified based on 1H-NMR data, and fourteen of them were   found to be different in PR from JSJR and FJZR. The relative contents of   alanine, lactate, lysine, taurine, sucrose, tyrosine, linolenic acid,   γ-aminobutyrate, and hyperoside in PR from JSJR were higher than that in PR from   FJZR, while PR from FJZR contained higher levels of glutamine, raffinose,   xylose, unsaturated fatty acid, and formic acid. The contents of   Heterophyllin A and Heterophyllin B were higher in PR from FJZR.


Hua Y, Hou Y,   Wang S, et al. Comparison of Chemical Compositions in Pseudostellariae Radix   from Different Cultivated Fields and Germplasms by NMR-Based Metabolomics[J].   Molecules, 2016, 21(11): 1538.