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Paeonia lactifora Pall.
source:Chinese Herbal Plant Genome Database  time:2018-01-09 23:25:00




Department of   Pharmaceutical Analysis and Metabolomics, Jiangsu Branch of China Academy of   Chinese Medical Sciences and Jiangsu Province Academy of Traditional Chinese   Medicine, Nanjing 210028, China


Boiled and   un-boiled WPR samples.


The results   suggested that the boiling processing conspicuously affected the holistic   quality of WPR by simultaneously and inconsistently altering the chemical   compositions and that short-time boiling processing between 2 and 10 min   could both make the WPR bright-colored and improve the contents of major   bioactive components, which were not achieved either without boiling or with   prolonged boiling.


Ming K, Jun X   U, Huan-Huan L I U, et al. Effects of boiling duration in processing of White   Paeony Root on its overall quality evaluated by ultra-high performance liquid   chromatography quadrupole/time-of-flight mass spectrometry based metabolomics   analysis and high performance liquid chromatography quantification[J].   Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, 2017, 15(1): 62-70.