Species: Ferula assafoetida

Accession Number



Sample Location: The Molla Ahmad Mountains, Isfahan province, Iran, at an altitude of 2250 meters (53°35′E and 32°15′N)

Sample Part: roots, stems, flowers, and leaf


Sequencing platform: Illumina Hiseq 4000

Sequencing data: 218 million reads from roots, 190 million reads from flowers, 123 million reads from stems, and 91 million reads from leaves

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: 60,134 assembled transcripts.

Annotation Method: Pfam, UniRef, RefSeq plants database, GO, KEGG


Hajar Amini, Mohammad Reza Naghavi,,Shen Tong et al. Tissue-specific transcriptome analysis reveals candidate genes for terpenoid and phenylpropanoid metabolism in the medicinal plant Ferula assafoetida[J]. G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics Early Online, 9 (3), 807-816