Species: Angelica sinensis

Accession Number



Sample Location: in the feld of Minxian (located at 34°29′ North latitude and 103°57′ East longitude), Gansu Province, China

Sample Part: flower buds of early flowering AS and apical meristem of vegetative growth AS .


Sequencing platform: Illumina

Sequencing data: 49,183,534 clean reads,the GC percentage is 44.41% and the Q20 percentage is 98.18%.133,010 contigs were assembled by short reads with average lengths of 90 bp

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: 68,262 unigenes (including 25,560 clusters and 42,702 singletons) , average length of 728 bp.

Annotation Method: Nr, Nt, Swiss-Prot, GO, COG, KEGG


Guang Yu , Yuan Zhou, Juanjuan Yu et al. Transcriptome and digital gene expression analysis unravels the novel mechanism of early flowering in Angelica sinensis[J]. Sci Rep, 2019, 9: 10035