Species: Angelica sinensis

Accession Number



Sample Location: Min County of Gansu Province, China

Sample Part: ASR were separated into three medicinal parts: heads (rootstocks with petiole traces of ASR), bodies (taproots of ASR) and tails (lateral roots of ASR)


Sequencing platform: Illumina

Sequencing data: A total of 68.43 Gb of data were obtained, and the average output of each sample was 7.60 Gb of data. The numbers of raw reads from the heads, bodies and tails were 162,175,492, 171,048,182 and 139,994,798. clean reads 456.24 M with an average size of 150 bp. The read numbers of all replicates are more than 40,000,000, with the maximal value of 53 million reads. high quality (Q30 > 93.09%) reads 157,447,128, 165,945,584 and 132,849,116.

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: Overall, totally 219,500 unigenes were assembled, and the percent- age of GC was 43.93% with an average contig size of 531 bp and an N50 contig size of 801 bp.

Annotation Method: GO, KEGG


Xu R, Xu J, Li Y, et al. Integrated chemical and transcriptomic analyses unveils synthetic characteristics of different medicinal root parts of Angelica sinensis[J]. Chinese Herbal Medicines, 2020, 12(1): 19-28.