Species: Pfaffia glomerata


Sample Location: the Germplasm Bank of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, BIOAGRO,Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil

Sample Part: leaves, stems, roots, and flowers


Sequencing platform: Illumina GAIIx

Sequencing data: 798,237,392 million paired-end sequence reads and 779,824,316 high-quality reads

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: 164,439 unigenes (49,091 ORFs with an average length of 959.49 bp and an N50 length of 1,534 bp).

Annotation Method: GO, Nr, InterPro,KEGG


Batista D S, Koehler A D, Romanel E, et al. De novo assembly and transcriptome of Pfaffia glomerata uncovers the role of photoautotrophy and the P450 family genes in 20-hydroxyecdysone production[J]. Protoplasma, 2019, 256(3): 601-614.