Species: Baphicacanthus cusia

Accession Number



Sample Location: medicinal garden for scientific research at the Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University.

Sample Part: leaf, stem, and root


Sequencing platform: Illumina HiSeq 4000

Sequencing data: 140,240,688 high quality reads for root, 137,216,248 for leaf and 122,837,394 for stem

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: 63,327,716 bases, 51,381 unigenes and 1,932 bp N50, and average length 1,232 bp were assembled.

Annotation Method: Nr, Swiss-Prot, KEGG, KOG, COG


Wenjin L , Wei H , Shuju N , et al. De novo characterization of the Baphicacanthus cusia(Nees) Bremek transcriptome and analysis of candidate genes involved in indican biosynthesis and metabolism[J]. Plos One, 2018, 13(7):e0199788.