Species: Lycoris longituba

Accession Number



Sample Location: collected from the resource nursery at the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China (31.23°N, 121.10°E)

Sample Part: leaves, roots, bulbs


Sequencing platform: Illumina HiSeq X Ten

Sequencing data: Roots: 133 million raw reads, 131 million clean reads. Leaves: 134 million raw reads, 132 million clean reads. Bulbs: 139 million raw reads, 137 million clean reads.

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: Roots: 360,593 transcripts, 223,969 unigenes. Leaves: 320,299 transcripts, 185,467 unigenes. Bulbs: 326,962 transcripts, 191,716 unigenes. 474,589 all-transcripts and 333,440 all-unigenes were ultimately generated, with mean lengths of 647 and 521 bp, and N50 of 981 and 644 bp, respectively.

Annotation Method: KEGG, NR, NT, GO


Li Q, Xu J, Yang L, et al. Transcriptome Analysis of Different Tissues Reveals Key Genes Associated With Galanthamine Biosynthesis in Lycoris longituba[J]. Frontiers in plant science, 2020, 11: 1444.