Species: Andrographis paniculata

Accession Number

SRR12791806, SRR12791807


Sample Location: ICAR National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR), Anand Agricultural University (AAU), Anand.

Sample Part: leaf


Sequencing platform: Illumina MiSeq

Sequencing data: 7,545,567 raw reads

Assembly and Annotation

Assembly software: Trinity

Assembly result: 41,553 transcripts, with an average length of 800 bp, N50 value of 1,186 bp.

Annotation Method: Nr, GO, KEGG


Patel A A, Shukla Y M, Kumar S, et al. Transcriptome analysis for molecular landscaping of genes controlling diterpene andrographolide biosynthesis in Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees[J]. 3 Biotech, 2020, 10(12): 1-14.